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RHOV stands for Royal House Of Vincent, the name of the home in which my parents raised our family. The label logo is adapted from our family shield.

My father, Vincent Okafor-Odu, and my mother, Christiana Akuadi Okafor-Odu (nee Okuye), were blessed with 12 children (10 sons and 2 daughters), each of whom are represented by the 12 stars in semi-circle around the shield. My mother's photo is inserted in the triangle. 

I chose this name and logo to remind me of the love and attention my parents bestowed on our family. That is what inspires my music, and what I hope to share with you through all of the music presented by Royal House of Vincent. 

Gratitude to Ezenwata Okafor-Odu (my nephew, the grandson of my parents and the last born into our family), for creating this adaptation.

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